Automatic protection from spam and robocalls

RoboGuard works in the background to stop spam numbers from ringing your phone to begin with. Simply enable it and let us take care of the rest.

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Private and Secure

Other call blockers require you to forward all of your calls to them where they can be tracked and recorded. RoboGuard's call blocking is done completely on your device so your private information stays private.

Daily Updates

Spam callers change numbers often. Our spam list automatically identifies and blocks new spammers every day so you can be sure you always have the most up to date protection from spam calls.

Community Powered

RoboGuard's call blocking engine learns and improves as our network grows. Join over 50,000 people in the fight to end spam calls.

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Have questions or feedback? We're here to help get you set up and keep your protection active and blocking spam calls.

Our Users Know Best

Don't take our word for it. Hear it from the people blocking spam calls with RoboGuard right now.

It has really cut the calls down. I think I have had one or two since. Before it was 18-20 a day.
Jamie M.
via Facebook
RoboGuard has gifted me time and happiness and replaced stress with peace. 5 stars are not sufficiently high enough for me to rate this product. Thank you.
Gabbie T.
via Email
Love it
Doug G.
via App Store

Our most common asked questions.

What if a spam caller is still getting through?

If a spam caller is not on our spam list, you can manually block them from the home screen of the app. RoboGuard learns from these numbers to improve protection for everyone going forward.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! Cancel your subscription at any time through the Manage Subscription section of your iTunes account settings.

What does RoboGuard cost?

RoboGuard has a 7-day free trial, then costs $59.99 per year.